Wake Me UP

Wake me up,
…But not quite yet.
This strange dream overwhelms my conscience and I’m
Drifting, slipping, sliding,
Stirred along by calming qualms,
pulled along by striking contradictions
As I struggle to see past the fog.


But only until the silence crushes my ear drums,
Drums beating to a solemn tune … somewhat subdued yet ringing of hope?
Wake me up,
…But not yet,

At least not before I decide whether this is a nightmare or not,
And find out where this idyllic fading, waning leads to.
Thick sweat drips from my brow
As the droplets morph into deep inviting pools

Pools that that carry me until I land on the shores of a thick jungle,
Thick vines become headrests, thorny stalks comfy pillows,
Overwhelmed I lay down my head and I…

…Wake up.

Not a break this time, it’s over for real.
And as I lay drenched in confusion over what it all could mean,
I find myself drawn back to the calming uncertainty of that
Dense, vivid, clear and pure realm.

And I ask myself,
Was that the dream? Or has my dream only just begun?


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