A Drowned Hope-The Plight of Europe’s Refugees

We live in a small world where budget airlines and satellite television have helped turn our world into a global village. However to many of us, the daily explosions that rock Syria and Iraq might as well be taking place on a far-away planet. We know the horrors of every-day life in Syria are but…

An Ode to Dakar- Africa’s Best Kept Secret

When I learned that I would be coming to Dakar for a six-month internship, I expected to land in a dry city with a harsh desert climate and endure a miserable time. Now well into the third year of my stay, I am fascinated by the many ways this city continues to captivate me. Looking back,…


On the edge of a thousand cliffs Staring down at the depths, At the crests of a thousand waves. Is it fear, indifference or hope, That reigns in the moment? Feet frozen, heart pounding, thoughts racing. Clarity

Wake Me UP

Wake me up, …But not quite yet. This strange dream overwhelms my conscience and I’m Drifting, slipping, sliding, Stirred along by calming qualms, pulled along by striking contradictions As I struggle to see past the fog. Break. But only until the silence crushes my ear drums, Drums beating to a solemn tune … somewhat subdued yet…

Dance Till It Feels OK

Dance in the embrace of the moonlit night, to the tune of the twilight’s promises and dreams. Spin to the rhythm of the ocean’s heavy tides knowing that nothing is ever what it seems. Fade into all the harmonies that greet the rising dawn, Fall into the hope of the new day that is born.